Long-Term Care Program

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How to face the future with confidence by planning to protect it today

We want our independence as we age.  Extended care needs can affect our family’s lifestyle.  It is an emotional, physical and financially stressful moment.  By planning today, we can reduce that stress and feel confident in protecting our family’s future.

Many feel “it won’t happen to me” but what if it did? Would that impact those close to you?  Family care can take a toll on those we love.

Some believe Medicaid or Medicare will pay for us.  They do provide some benefit, but many fail to realize what it takes to qualify for those programs. 

Learn more how this benefit gives you and your family peace of mind.  There is no obligation and no better time than now to take advantage of Williams College’s discounted rates.  How to start?

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Cost of Care and Planning

Along with wanting to protect our family’s lifestyle, we all want choices in where and how we receive our care.  Many of us want to stay at home and bring in care to assist with our daily activities. Some want the lifestyle of an assisted living facility.  A few of us may be to frail and need to get care in a nursing home.  Having a long-term care plan makes getting care more affordable.  See the average 2017 cost of care in Massachusetts.
Williams College Cost of Care (1)
Many of us think that getting a long-term care plan is too expensive.  A big reason for this is that we put off getting a long-term care plan until retirement.  That means we are older and have more health issues.  The benefit to the Williams College Long-Term Care program is you can get this plan at a lower cost due to plan discounts, younger age and good health.  To learn more and get a proposal, click below:

Planning to Live

Exercise, good nutrition, and medical technology give us the one of the longest life expectancies in our modern history [1].  Family members are now living into their 80’s and 90’s.  The saying goes,

The longer we live, the longer we will live.

The problem with this is the loss of urgency to plan for our care in our old age.  Many put off planning until retirement.  This delay can result in higher premiums due to age or health issues.  Our health may even preclude us from being issued a policy. Planning today gives us the lowest rates.  We aren’t getting any younger.  The Williams College Plan provides discounts that may not be available on your own.  Below is a sample your potential discounts:

Up to

1 %

Spousal / Partner Discount

Up to

1 %

Preferred Health Discount

Up to

1 %

Small Business Discount

Peace of mind, protecting your family, leaving a legacy, or having more choices…Whatever the reason, there is no better time than now to plan for your future.  Contact us with any questions, appointment needs or to request a Buyer’s Guide to Long-Term Care.

[1] National Center for Health Statistics. Health, United States, 2017: With special feature on mortality. Hyattsville, Maryland. 2018.

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